Monday, August 14, 2017

Human Civilization and "Truth" behind our current languages and scripts.

By Arvind Bhagwath


Few years back, I had written a blog about creation of life and science behind life ( Based on views that I mentioned in this blog, few had questions that resulted in very interesting debate. With few, arguments or debate was of no help which resulted in unnecessary waste of time and these were people who appears to be brainwashed by mythology and again, I feel that they are free to have their own views and definitely no harm in it. However while I was interacting with various people and discussing about science and life, many times I was deeply saddened when people from different regions of our great country with such a beautiful heritage fight against each other for all silly reasons in name of languages, caste, culture etc. considering one as superior than other. This made me to think and help these people by providing some of actual truth findings that was achieved by modern science to support and promote universal brotherhood. This was the actual main reason to write this blog.
To support my findings and understanding the actual truth behind civilization, mythology, culture and languages spoken across globe, I have personally travelled across each part of our country (India) and followed by travelling to several countries across the globe that includes Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Middle east, Americas etc. and have done extensive research based on findings from science, archaeology departments across the world and inputs from several communities, scientific facts that were available in Internet with valid data and proof. If something that has convinced me, I am sure this will convince many others who might have similar questions that I had and I will guarantee that nothing in my blog will be based on theories, but only 100% fact findings.

Let us start actual fact findings: Birth of Human Civilization and first form of human communication those days around 8000BC

For literature to be developed or knowledge to be shared, we first need to learn to communicate. So when did humans start to communicate and how?

To answer this question myself, I spent quite a bit time studying few first river valley civilization like Indus Valley civilization which archaeologist predict somewhere around range of 2500BC till 5000BC or some predict earlier till 8000 BC based on evidence they found at these locations recently.
Below picture represents few first river valley civilization or human settlements happened around 5000BC or earlier across globe.

Above picture is Indus Seal that was recovered as few artefacts from those era (2600 BC Indus valley civilization) …. Read as 'ka-nta-ma-ha-an’ could refer that the person sitting is great and people might have referred this character as GOD.

But nothing flashed my mind then and got busy spending time with my 6 months old daughter and was quietly listening to her and the way she was trying to communicate for her demands. This is general observations we all experience with our kids and we learn from babies that they normally speak only two alphabets till age of 1 year…. Like “Ma” for mother, “Wo” for water, “Da”, “Ta” etc. and this is the way they start learning to communicate to full word and then sentences so on. After a while spending my good time with my daughter Ritu, something suddenly flashed my mind and I immediately questioned myself…. Is this the same way our ancestors communicated in those early civilizations time? And started investigating myself in internet. For the fact, my assumption was 100% true.
In fact, when human civilization happened, people those days used to speak only two letters and slowly developed to speak full word in course of centuries. Later they started representing them in form of pictorial diagrams which you easily locate in Internet or artefacts collected from those era in museums today.
If we properly see Harappan Signs or Indus valley signs (around 2500 BC) and the artefacts that were collected from these locations, it is clearly visible that people those days started representing these pictorial words as signs and this is the same representation that became our current alphabets in all our scripts.

It looks that all our alphabets have evolved from the same civilization and again due to trade happening those days from other three river valley civilization, it is somewhat same scripts used across several locations in world as of today.
If we come to 3rd BCE during Ashoka’s regime, most of his inscriptions in rock pillars were Brahmi script which is one of the most important writing systems in the world those days and further some of the earliest historical inscriptions found in India. Most importantly, it is the ancestor to hundreds of scripts found in South, Southeast, and East Asia.

The Brahmi rock inscriptions of Ashoka belong to 3rd Century BCE (300–200 BCE)

 Did Brahmi come from Indus script?

Brahmi script appears to have actually come from Indus script and I am trying to place as many facts or findings that I have done and verified with few expert cyphers and data that I have collected in internet and few museums. However, it is little complex and I would prefer more research can be conducted by actual experts in this area

Please read more about Brahmi script in below URL:

Let’s look below on how Brahmi could have been arrived from Indus script. Some are my representation considering single alphabet in sheet of paper as below:

Take example of “ga” below from Harappan to Brahmi…..



 Just take our first alphabet “a” and it appears that there was also relation with Proto-Sinatic signs along with Indus signs and might have helped to evolve Brahmi from many centuries to current form.

 Below are some of beautiful data that I collected from Internet (Wikipedia) and few photos from respective temples or historical places.

History of Tamil Script:

Look below…. Transformation of Indus sign ‘ma’ to ‘ma’ in Brahmi and then to early Tamil ‘ma’ and then finally in current form in below images.

 Look at the evolution of all Tamil scripts from Brahmi from those days till current form.

Similarly all other regional scripts including Sanskrit, Kannada and also the scripts that we see in Asia Pacific like Javanese, Thai etc. are all evolved from Brahmi which could have been evolved from Indus scripts.
Below is evolution of Kannada-Telegu scripts from Brahmi to current form


We all follow a common culture in our entire country and this culture that we follow as of now was actually spread by Rishis (Saints) those days starting from Vedic times (Around 2000BC ). Rishis those days traveled length and breadth of this country debating the merits and demerits of various systems of philosophy (School of Thoughts) . We all know that Rishis those days achieved spiritual knowledge by self realization and knowledge sharing by Gurukul system and during course of time, it helped our country to produce exceptional scholars in respective school of thoughts who preached philosophy in various modes and this actually helped our country to slowly get diverse culture as we see today and same way, several mythologies got created during course of time when these Saints tried to explain the spiritual knowledge to common man. Again, some great epics like Ramayana or Mahabharata that we read as of today were actual facts and some myths also got added eventually to make the story telling more interesting when it got passed from generations, however everyone tried to preach individual school of thoughts in best possible ways to common man. People who knew or provided this knowledge of "Universal Truth" considered themselves as Brahmans, people who engaged in warfare considered themselves as Kshatriyas and people engaged in service were considered as Shudras and so on which later helped to form caste system in society. When the same person changes his or her profession, caste was considered to be changed those days. However later on due to unfortunate dominance of particular community, this became a family tag and slowly got referred as community based caste system. Our scripts and languages as we today in current Sanskrit, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Javanese, Thai, Bengali, Gujarati or any regional languages got evolved from common script (Referred as Brahmi) from those days. Vedas was not written in current form of Sanskrit as claimed by few communities and this was not spoken by "GOD's" as claimed or transitioned by "GOD" to Human. Not a single inscription of current form of languages has ever been found in any BCE year and all alphabets or scripts that we see got evolved from same civilization that we all belong(Indus Valley Civilization). Data displayed in this blog clearly proves that knowledge of scripts, human communication could have been arrived from same civilization or same source which later evolved into specific state languages due to boundaries established in kingdoms those days. People movement got restricted due to boundaries and the regions started developing respective alphabets slowly in different form from the same Brahmi script source during course of time and same happened to spoken languages as well which got evolved due to dialects in those regions. Finally, we all are one and all of us came from same civilization. This is the truth.